Rainbow Tribe



These Two-legged will be called the Rainbow Tribe, for they are the product of thousands of years of melding among the five original races. These Children of Earth have been called together to open their hearts and to move beyond the barriers of disconnection. The medicine they carry is the Whirling Rainbow of Peace, which will mark the union of the five races as one.

                                                               Jamie Sams, Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours


       It did not take long for the red nations to express their desire for the dominate society to change its ways of thinking, its values, its ignorance of the living Earth. You can see this yearning in the speeches of Native American leaders from the colonial period onward. I thought this writing was necessary because I have found a people who are making that essential change toward the Natural Way. What can most effectively curtail the past practices of human and environment destruction? It is simple: the conveyance of knowledge about the best spiritual and cultural qualities of the Natural Way. Our destiny is linked to this change or we perish. I believe the change will have to come from those who are presently in control, not from those who stand on the sidelines detracting.

       Too many red-way people are standing idly by complaining and not realizing that they can be of tremendous assistance to many across the planet. Maybe the luxury of doing nothing could be indulged in if we live on separate planets. But that is not the case. We all perish together if we lose this earth to overheating, pollution, greed, and overpopulation. None of us chose to live in the aftermath of this Industrial Age destruction, but fortunately there are those who choose to learn what makes the Natural Way harmonize with all life forces and our relatives within. This writing speaks of their knowledge quests, their grail that is made of bravery, courage, generosity, and wisdom. I hope that it will teach the new aspirations who seek this way of communion with nature and with the Mystery Source that manifests itself through the natural world.

       The Rainbow Tribe is here. Each dawn, the numbers increase. No longer will the priceless wisdom of nature-based spirituality be ignored. We do not have any choice. Global warming, acid rain, overpopulation, and deforestation are real.

       Old wisdom that has performed so well will now be allowed to work its environment medicine where it is desperately needed. Two-leggeds are coming together to bring forth a sacred hoop of harmony made up of many flaming hoops. An optimistic quest for peace will be an important benefit of this non threatening harmony. A spiritual fire now nurtures a communal commitment to a worldwide environmental undertaking. Rainbow energy will fuel that fire and give it great power.

       Who are the Rainbows? Rainbow Tribe people work in the cities and towns. Some are housewives still raising their young. Rainbows work, thrive, vote, pay taxes, abide by the laws, are drug free, abstain from or touch little alcohol, and do what almost everyone else does legally in this land. They also do ceremony and have found a closer connection to the created entity all around them. Rainbows have stepped back into nature, and this has become a glorious spiritual leap for them. Rainbow tribalism is bolstered by modern medical and scientific advancements. Rainbow spiritual perception is gain from natural participation in what many of the old tribal ways have preserved. Rainbows have found their path, their tribal unity, and a rich harmonic connection while they travel their earth-walk journey.

       The harmony and deep peace of Mother Earth have brought many of the Rainbow Tribe people into a sacred perspective. Individual quests and group beseechments, blended with natural ceremonies held directly upon the soil and grasses of our planet, have deepened the spiritual quest of the Wigmunke oyate, the Rainbow Tribe people. In ceremony, Mother Earth has acknowledge Rainbow endeavors.

       Out of ceremony, Mother Earth has issued some stern warnings that humankind's past practices of unchecked "dominion over nature" will no longer be tolerated. Nature is tallying devastating results of centuries-old suppression of natural spiritual enhancement. Despite human neglect, nature seems to be forgiving and is still offering its knowledge for those who have the integrity to observe and contemplate.

       Startling world changes are occurring and, like Rainbow spirituality, they are fostered by communication and knowledge. It is becoming more difficult for those who think only of themselves  to subjugate those who realize that we are all related. In this age of communication, the search for freedom and the search for a fulfilling nature-base truth have united. Man-designed religious fears employed by the old eclipsing regimes have no hold over the Rainbow Tribe. Rainbows will not follow the patriarchal hierarchies where fundamentalist-fomented fear, manipulation, and oppression have reigned. Rainbows use their minds to find their spirituality! Rainbows employ the natural intellect that God/Goddess has given them and bolster it with courage, generosity, and acquired wisdom through observation and increasing knowledge.

       Some Native Americans have come forth to offer knowledge and experiences. Over a half century ago, Black Elk met with a white man to tell of his  deep and powerful vision. Later he sat with another non-Indian to expand upon the seven sacred ceremonies. These men, John Neihardt and Joseph Epes Brown, were writers. Black Elk intended that the knowledge of the Natural Way be preserved and passed on for the benefit of all two-legged, tribal and non-tribal.

       J. Epes Brown stated, "The old man (Black Elk) knew that he was soon to die, and he did not wish that this sacred lore, much of which he alone knew, should not pass away with him."

       Fools Crow and Eagle Feather, two venerable Sioux holy men who rebirth the Sun Dance, followed Black Elk's example. Their ceremonies did not exclude anyone because of gender, color, or bloodline. Indeed gifted, as evidence by the spirit-calling powers, both holy men spoke out of unity and cooperation among the races of the four colors. These men traveled often, far from the reservation, to hold ceremony for the healing and acculturation of Indian and non-Indians who sought their council. 

       Frank Fools Crow said, "The power and ways are given to us to be passed on to others. To think or do anything else is pure selfishness. We only keep them and get more by giving them away, and if we do not give then away we lose them."

       Old books holding a treasure of shared knowledge from native men and women of world vision once sat dusty upon the shelves of time. But now in these enlightened days they have been reprinted and along with new writings are being voraciously consumed. Enlightened two-legged who have catalyzed world progress in the realms of freedom and scientific knowledge are now reaching beyond into environmentalism and spirituality and discovering that the two are related. They are finding the courage to cast off age-old fears and are beginning to walk forth within their own individuality. Vacant spaces of Mother Earth now dance with ceremony. Her stones, forest, and waters are becoming understood. The Wigmunke oyate, the Rainbow Tribe people, have come forth to learn how Mother Earth can be revered and protected. I am thankful for the timely arrival of the Rainbow Tribe.

                                                                                              Ed McGaa, Eagle Man - Oglala Sioux