In conjunction with the Shanti Sena Network at the Metta Center of Nonviolence, the People's Campaign to Abolish The Draft will be hosting a Nonviolent Training Program.

To gather further information about the program. For inquiries regarding the training, please contact us here.


About the Shanti Sena Network

Training Opportunity: Shanti Sena Network member MPT to host national tour to train and support the creation of local peace teams.

What is the Shanti Sena Network?

The Shanti Sena Network (SSN) is composed of members from peace teams from around the US and Canada (and open to members worldwide) who are passionate about building a new paradigm of security and who want to use nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts without the potentially violent intervention from “law enforcement” or the military.  The Shanti Sena Network is grounded in Gandhian principles of ‘unity in diversity’ and holding a high image of human potential.

On the “Roadmap,” Shanti Sena Network would situate itself within the wedge of ‘Peace’ at the level of constructive program.

Peace teams in the Shanti Sena Network provide training to those parties interested in learning nonviolent peacekeeping, and are also available to provide a nonviolent presence when violence is a possibility. It is also a network to help build a movement of domestic peace teams.

Q: What is a ‘shanti sena’?

A: Shanti Sena means “peace team” in Sanskrit. A Shanti Sena is the nonviolent alternative to a violent “peacekeeping” system. More than just “maintain peace”, a Shanti Sena aims to transform the way that we think about peace, envisioning a great paradigm shift in the way that we perceive human security. It reinforces a high image of the human being and holds space for parties in conflict to move into closer understanding and relationship of each other. A Shanti Sena is REVOLUTIONARY because it refuses to maintain its legitimacy through violence; instead seeking ways of embodying a deep commitment to the practice of nonviolence.

Formal Definition of ‘Shanti Sena’  from the Metta Center Nonviolence Glossary

See this article by Mark Shepard on Gandhian Narayan Desai’s work in Shanti Sena during the Indian Liberation Movement. 

Badshah Khan

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