Keetoowah Cherokee Spirituality - People of the Fire

The following 7 principles of belief are the foundation of Keetoowah spirituality and are necessary to understand prior to deepening knowledge of the other teachings of the People of the Fire.

1. At the centre of all things is spirit. In other words, there is a central underlying force in the universe that is sacred in nature. 

2. All matter is made from this substance. In other words, the sacred manifests itself in physical form.

3. Because all matter is made from the sacred, all things possess a soul, a sared intelligence.

4. Because human beings are generated out of the same substance, it is possible for human beings to communicate with the soul or intelligence in all other matter and for those intelligences to communicate with human beings.

5. Human beings were ignorant when they arrived here, and the powers of the Earth and the various intelligences in all things began to teach them how to be human. This is still the truth. It is not possible for new generations to become human without this communication or teaching from the natural world. 

6. Parts of the Earth can manifest more or less sacredness, just like human beings. A human being can never know when some part of the Earth might begin expressing deep levels of sacredness or be talking to him or her. Therefore, it is important to cultivate attentiveness of mind.

7. Human beings are only one of the many life-forms of the Earth, neither more nor less important than the others. Failure to remember this can be catastrophic for individuals, nations, people, and the Earth.