Tree of Peace Unity Walk

Tree of Peace Unity Walk: Beginning in March 2017 Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest, founder of the Tree of Peace Unity Walk, will start the walk from Tofino B.C. on Vancouver Island across Canada. The vision of the walk is to plant 44 Trees of Peace in communities across Canada for unity between First Nations Peoples and non-native peoples of Canada. We will join together hand in hand for the healing of the peoples and of our Mother Earth.  

This Tree of Peace Unity Walk is dedicated to this generation and to the next seven generations of children that are yet unborn. – Jesse-Blue Forrest, Peacewalker

Let it be known that I will walk and fast until someone feeds me. I will walk until someone gives me a pillow to lay my head on...

I will only carry my Tree of Peace Unity Walk flag, my sacred bundle that will carry my personal sacred pipe, and the Four Winds International Ceremonial Peace Pipe. I will carry nothing more except the clothes on my back...


Phase One

Spring 2017: Walk from Tofino, British Columbia on Vancouver Island to Ottawa, Ontario.

Phase Two

Spring 2018: Walk from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Ottawa, Ontario.


Points of Action

1) Grow a culture of Peace, Unity, and Non-Violence across Canada. We will speak in communities along the walk, to engage First Nations and Canadian peoples in unity to reclaim their role as a peace country and to bring harmony, balance, and healing for Mother Earth. 

2) Planting of Trees of Peace across Canada and on Parliament Hill. Trees of Peace will be planted in communities along the walk for the vision of unity. Each Tree of Peace will be planted in a ceremony with a plaque dedicated to the Unity Walk of First Nations Peoples and non-native peoples of Canada. The walk will also call for a National Tree of Peace to be planted on Parliament Hill upon the completion of the walks. Petitions for the National Tree of Peace will be presented upon completion of phase one of the Unity Walk, autumn 2017.

3) Petition in support of the Tree of Peace on Parliament Hill. We will continue in the second phase of the walk to collect signatures in a petition drive calling for the planting of the National Tree of Peace on Parliament Hill, Ottawa in autumn 2018.

4) Movement by the People. This Unity Walk will act as a platform and catalyst for unity and healing between First Nations People and non-native peoples of Canada and Mother Earth. 



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Walk Sacred, Talk Sacred,

Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest, Peacewalker