We are pleased to inform you that you have been drafted into the Peace Army.

After you fill out this form, consider drafting a friend into the Peace Army by sending them a link via social media or email. If you would like us to send it for you, just let us know in your form. Have fun!



Consider this your draft form.

Our security as individuals and communities relies on our ability to promote the security of others while seeking our own. A Peace Army is a loosely connected network of individuals and organizations who can commit themselves to a robust training of nonviolence to be able to respond constructively in times of conflict and sometimes to intervene in times of violence. While all involved are not required or expected to fall on the extreme end of commitment of direct intervention, this movement needs all of us. A viable and practical nonviolent security network asks all of us to expand our understanding of the possibility for nonviolent institutions and practices to eventually replace or reform the current institutions in place that are operating through the threat and use of violence.

This year, we are simply asking people nationwide to commit to deepening their study of nonviolence. Can you support this effort?

The Peace Draft is a service of the Shanti Sena Network and the Metta Center for Nonviolence. To join the Peace Draft, click here.