"The moment I was born, I was surrounded by military parents, military doctors, military nurses, military personnel on a military base in Quantico, Virginia in 1948. The moment I was born they grabbed me by my ankles and hung me upside down and wacked my fanny. At that moment I cried out "nonviolence" and that has been my creed every since. Thank you mother, I will always honor you by always being a man of nonviolence."

                                                                                                          ---Jesse-Blue Forrest



Jesse-Blue's campaign to walk across America in support of a Constitutional Amendment to end the Military Draft/Selective Service System of 1917.


To secure the Freedom for Americans to choose Peace by ratifying an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to abolish the Selective Service System and the Military Draft.


The Draft is not currently active. However, the Selective Service System, instituted on June 5, 1917, still requires all men to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday to be eligible for the Draft. At least 6 times since 2003, there has been legislation introduced in Congress about re-instating the Draft, about increasing the upper age bracket of draftees from 26 to 42 years old, and about including women in the Draft as well. It would be very hard to oppose the Draft while it is active and we are in a military conflict. NOW is the time!


Jesse-Blue was drafted by the United States military to fight in the Vietnam War. As a young man, he consciously chose not to participate. After time spent in incarceration and several court marshals, in 1969 he departed from the military and lived underground for nearly three years. Finally in 1972, he arrived in Canada where he lived in exile for 26 years. Since then, he has gained his legal freedom and is now a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.

Jesse-Blue Forrest is the Founding Director of The People's Campaign to Abolish The Draft, which is calling for a Constitutional Amendment to end the American Selective Service System of 1917. This campaign is inspiring the eradication of military drafts/conscription worldwide.

Recently in 2013, Jesse-Blue was invited to India to walk in Gandhi's footsteps, as a nonviolent peace activist retracing the Salt March. His mission continues to expand as he gains international recognition for his visionary work and mission.