Turtle Clan of the White Horse Rainbow Mother Earth Tribe

Birthing of our Turtle Clan, - September 6, 2013

The turtle is regarded as an extremely ancient creature. First Nation Peoples consider the turtle to be a great symbol of wisdom and endurance.

Turtle Clan people are considered to be loyal caretakers of the land, Mother Earth. A deep spiritual connection to the land is considered one of their strongest traits. They believe the earth they live upon formed on the back of a great turtle. That is why the Turtle Clan refers to North America as Turtle Island. They consider the turtle to be as old as the earth itself. The Turtle Clan represents all that is sacred to Mother Earth.

On this date, September 6, 1839 was the birthing of the Cherokee Nation after the removal of the Cherokee, known as "The Trail of Tears," in 1838 to the Oklahoma Territory. 

Moon Dancer, Clan Mother & Pipe Carrier of theTurtle Clan - Mama Turtle

Sandra Moon Dancer B.Sc., M.H.Sc. is a mother, shaman, peace visionary, inspirational speaker, teacher, energy healer.  She founded the Centre of Circle Wisdom in 2003, an energy medicine centre in Toronto, ON. In 2013, Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest (Walking Thunder) invited Moon Dancer to walk with him to retrace Mahatma Gandhi's footsteps in the Salt March in India for the movement of world peace and nonviolence.  She journeys with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon and works internationally with Jesse-Blue, elders and peace visionaries.  She walks for the freedom to choose peace.


Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest (Walking Thunder), elder -- through vision, founder of the Turtle Clan of the White Horse Rainbow Mother Earth Tribe

Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest -- (Walking Thunder), Cherokee-Celtic elder, international peace activist, visionary, storyteller and flute player. He is the founder of the White Roots of Peace, which offers medicine wheel gatherings, and the teachings of The Great Law of Peace - The Iroquois Constitution. Jesse-Blue is also Founder of the Tree of Peace Unity Walk. 


Kathleen Wisdom Sister, Caretaker of the Sacred Objects

Kathleen Wisdom Sister, B.B.A., wise woman crone of the Turtle Clan, is a woman of prayer, meditation, and an energy medicine student at the Centre of Circle Wisdom.  Mother of four, she participates in multiple spiritual communities, supporting and in service to spiritual elders including the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  Wisdom Sister sees the beauty in all things, having a special connection with the crystal people. She walks in gratitude. She walks for peace.


Asha Moon Spirit

Asha Moon Spirit is a student in the Energy Medicine program at Centre of Circle Wisdom.  An international voiceover artist and actor, her credits include being a company member of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada.  Volunteering at a long-term care facility, she is honored to support elders in her community.  Moon Spirit is grateful for Earth teachings, and travels to sacred sites to be of service to Mother Earth.



Aja Star Teacher

Aja Star Teacher, B.A., studies energy medicine at the Centre of Circle Wisdom and holds a degree in Collaborative International Development Studies from the University of Guelph, ON. Political transformation, in this new age of heartwisdom, is one of her many interests. Star Teacher is grateful for the teachings of Mother Earth and is committed to living the path of spiritual non-violence.


Kerith Blue Feather

Kerith Blue Feather, B.A., M.A., is an energy medicine student, studying with Sandra Moon Dancer at the Centre of Circle Wisdom. Blue Feather is honoured to have been invited by her elder and teacher Sequoia-Blue Deer Eagle and her teacher Sandra Moon Dancer to journey to Iceland in September of 2013. There she learned about the sacredness of the Medicine Wheel. As a member of the Turtle Clan, she learns and practices the importance of consciously engaging in all aspects of life, speaking up for Mother Earth and all of our relations on this sacred planet.


Courtney Spirit Woman, Keeper of the Sacred Fire

Courtney Spirit Woman, B.A.Sc., M.Sc., RYT, is deeply honoured to be a part of the Turtle Clan as the Keeper of the Sacred Fire and to continually learn from her Clan elders, Sequoia-Blue Deer Eagle and Sandra Moon Dancer. Spirit Woman is a cultural anthropologist, a yoga teacher and since 2008 a student at the Centre of Circle Wisdom, currently apprenticing with Sandra Moon Dancer. She is committed to being of service and bringing greater love, compassion and gratitude into every community in which she belongs.  She passionately shares the Clan's vision of Peace on Mother Earth for all generations to come.


Caylie Bird Woman, Keeper of the Sacred Clan Drum and Songs 

Caylie Bird Woman, B.F.A. in music, is honoured to be the Keeper of the Sacred Clan Drum and Songs of the Turtle Clan. An energy medicine student at Centre of Circle Wisdom, Bird Woman also teaches at the Centre, supporting many families and children at Circle Wisdom’s Tribal Children and Goddess Girls camps.  As a singer and song-writer, her own business Sacred Voice holds space for all peoples to express. Bird Woman is a member of the Sacred Water Circle in Nogojiwanong, Peterborough, ON. As part of the People's Campaign to Abolish the Draft, she is committed to non-violence and peace.


Sigridur Fire Spirit, Mama Turtle of Iceland and Keeper of the Northern Icelandic Medicine Wheel


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