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Medicine Wheel Teachings for the Purification Time of Mother Earth

In the winter of 1988 – 89, I met Sun Bear, Ojibwe Medicine Man who introduced me to and taught me of the Medicine Wheel Vision and its teachings. He told me that one-day I would carry on his vision and work, through my own vision of building 70 medicine wheels worldwide. At that time I was living in the Rocky Mountains in Canada on the Alberta side.

On the late night of June 18, 1992 of my 44th b'earthday, Sun Bear came to me in my dreamtime and asked me to carry on his work and vision. At that time I was living in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia.

The following morning I went up on the mountain and spent the day building a Medicine Wheel in honour of the vision. When I came down, it was late afternoon, and a friend of mine, Elizabeth, came by my cabin and told me that Sun Bear had crossed over into the spirit world that morning.

I told her of the vision that I had received in my dream the night prior, and that at day break I had gone up to the mountaintop to build a Medicine Wheel in honour of the vision I received from Sun Bear. That evening a few friends, Elizabeth and I held a vigil and ceremony at the Medicine Wheel in Sun Bear's honour. From that day forward, I began building medicine wheels in my own sacred space in the mountains and forest of Western Canada and Eastern United States for the healing of Mother Earth and for world peace.

Since 2013 I have continued fulfilling the work of the Medicine Wheel and its teachings of Sun Bear and his vision, with the Turtle Clan of the White Horse Rainbow Mother Earth Tribe. On May 25, 2013 we birthed the Mother Medicine Wheel in Norwood, Ontario, Canada at Thirteen Moons Retreat, and later in 2013 traveled to Iceland and built two medicine wheels in the East and North of the island. In the summer of 2014 we built a sister wheel in Ontario near Rice Lake and then traveled back to Iceland to complete the Sacred Hoop by building medicine wheels in the South, West and Center. 

In total since 1992 I have built 30 medicine wheels of the vision of 70. 

We are now also invited back to India, and to Israel, Panama, Costa Rica, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Australia and New Zealand to continue the vision of peace and healing on Mother Earth for the next seven generations.

 -- Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest (Walking Thunder)


You are welcome to come visit us, to learn, listen, dance, drum, celebrate and do ceremony with us at the Mother Medicine Wheel in Norwood and the future site of our Peace Village

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