Journey to the Heart
Journey to the Heart
of the Earth
In the silence of Iceland's wilderness, 
you come closest to being with Spirit.

Join us and experience profound Peace while seeing one of the most beautiful and powerful places on Mother Earth...



Journey to the Heart of the Earth
Jul 25 - Aug 10  


Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest (Walking Thunder), Cherokee-Celtic elder, will facilitate medicine wheel teachings.  Sandra Moon Dancer B.Sc., M.H.Sc., shaman, co-facilitates this once in a lifetime experience. Beginning the journey in 2013, they are both excited to be once again with the beautiful Icelandic peoples who host us. 

Highlights of your unique journey include  


* Build medicine wheels in honour of the land, the four directions and the centre 

* Be a part of ceremony with the Four Winds International Peace Pipe 

* Visit Yoko Ono's incredible peace column in honour of John Lennon's Imagine

Visit ancestral lands and the beautiful heart open people of Iceland

* Experience authentic Icelandic culture, cooking and people in small communities

* Incredible landscapes of the world's best waterfalls, volcanoes, ocean views, glaciers and hot springs


The people of Iceland are excited to welcome you!

 We have limited spaces -- reserve your space now.



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Having returned from India, walking the Gandhi Salt March as PeaceWalkers, Jesse-Blue Forrest -- Sequoyah-Blue Deer Eagle and Sandra Moon Dancer are excited to be invited to the powerful land of the mystical, the heart space of Iceland. 
Iceland is one of the most active volcanic lands in the world.  Here the tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America meet, a place of heartwisdom and connection.  The little people, the elves, are honoured, and the Icelandic people work with Spirit world to create a home of Peace. This is one of the few countries where there is no military.  As war is not part of the people's experience, the Peace you feel is Real.  Iceland is number one on the world index of countries of Peace.
Dramatic waterfalls, glaciers, serene lakes, this new land from Mother Earth's Heart emanates a frequency of peace and clarity like no other on Mother Earth.  
 Join us in the land of Fire and Ice!
Teachers at Circle Wisdom


Sandra Moon Dancer B.Sc., M.Sc. is the founder and executive director of the Centre of Circle Wisdom in Toronto, Canada. She is an internationally renowned visionary, shaman, ceremonialist, energy teacher, White Lotus Master and inspirational speaker.

Jesse-Blue Forrest -- Sequoyah-Blue Deer EagleCherokee-Celtic elder, international peace activist, visionary, pipe carrier, storyteller and flute player. He is the founder of the White Roots of Peace, which offers medicine wheel gatherings, sacred pipe ceremonies, and the teachings of 
The Great Law of Peace - The Iroquois Constitution.
Sequoyah-Blue Deer Eagle's 's wisdom and generosity is a tremendous gift for us all.  He is understood by world leaders as a visionary of peace,
an activist who is making a very significant difference for humanity. 
To travel with him to Iceland is an honour.  Iceland is very excited to host him!
                                                                                                                 Moon Dancer

Centre of Circle Wisdom 

 The Centre is based in a beautiful historic healing arts studio in Toronto's High Park where you can find your feet on the earth while honouring your place in the city.  Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your history, whatever your desires for the future, Circle Wisdom welcomes all community members to our retreats, medicine wheel gatherings, workshops, celebrations and individual healing sessions.  


Programs at the centre include: Energy Medicine Program (spiritual, alchemical and indigenous teachings from around the world, as well as essential, practical tools to empower you in the practice of energy medicine), Medicine Wheel gatherings -- international as well as local, Pipe Ceremonies, Sacred Site Travel, Wisdom Circles, Tribal Children's Circle, Goddess Girls Circle supporting individuals and families in connecting with their soul's journey.

Wisdom Circles gather monthly.  

 Energy Medicine Program is accepting applicants for 2013-2014 year.  

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The founder and director of Centre of Circle Wisdom is Sandra Moon Dancer B.Sc., M.H.Sc.  Founded in 2003, the centre has been thriving in the heart of Toronto for over ten years.  As Circle Wisdom expands into increasingly international work, Moon Dancer enjoys the opportunities and the magic of connecting with all peoples of Mother Earth.  An internationally renowned shaman, visionary and Buddhist White Lotus Master, Sandra Moon Dancer loves the path, meeting and working with all peoples to create a world of peace. 

I had been searching and working with many counselors and therapists, yet I felt something was missing. Then I met Moon Dancer.  
Moon Dancer works with energy and her work transcends traditional therapy.  
She is able to get to the core issues very quickly -- she has amazing insight. -- E.L.