Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest - Peacewalker

George Washington Wampum Covenant Belt with the thirteen original united States.

Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest (Walking Thunder) of Cherokee (Iroquois)-Celtic heritage, international peace activist, visionary, storyteller, flute player. He is the founder of the White Roots of Peace Circle, which offers medicine wheel gatherings, and the teachings of The Great Law of Peace – The Iroquois Constitution. Jesse-Blue is also the founder of the Tree of Peace Unity Walk and a Peace Village that is dedicated to being a Peace Walkers training school. He is a dual citizen of the Canada and the United States.

Walking Thunder is a dedicated Medicine Wheel facilitator, teacher, and trainer. He is a leader in nonviolence who is inspiring a movement for peace through Peace Walks, campaigns, lobbying and educating. In 2013, he was recognized as a certified Gandhian leader by the Sabarmati Ashram, India, the home of Mahatma Gandhi, for his walk re-tracing the steps of Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March. 

Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest’s pursuit to indigenized education began in 1988 when he started an apprenticeship under Sun Bear – Ojibway, who placed him back on the red road, ultimately leading him on the path of spirituality, culture, and healing. He has studied under other notable spiritual leaders and teachers including Red Eagle – Choctaw, Bear Heart – Muskogee Creek, Rolling Thunder - Cherokee, and Thich Nhat Hanh – Zen Buddhist. He is grateful for the teachings and wisdom of his elders and continues to learn so that he can teach others.

He is certified with two levels of Medicine Wheel facilitation and training, and currently, is pursuing his level three Medicine Wheel counseling and training, and following that his level four advanced training on the land. For the past 25 years, he has been dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the Medicine Wheels with people and organizations across Turtle Island and many countries around the world. Since 1992, he has built 30 Medicine Wheels internationally, born from a vision that he shared with Sun Bear of 70 Medicine Wheels across Mother Earth. He continues to build and hold Medicine Wheel gatherings and teachings for international communities for world peace and the healing of Mother Earth. His most recent work was in collaboratively building Medicine Wheels in the four directions of Iceland plus the center of Iceland. His life’s vision, which is in a process, is to build Peace Villages of The Great Law of Peace in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada, Iceland, Costa Rica and New Zealand to bring the teachings of Mother Earth Spirituality on the land.  

Jesse-Blue "Oak" Forrest has a passion for playing Native American flutes.